The Value of Displaying an Entire Book of the Bible

Seeing a Book in its Entirety
Inspired by college professor who displayed in his office several famous poems on oversized vinyl mats for quick analysis, a design was created for the book of Ephesians that mirrored an effort to memorize the book through the use of color. 

Observing Ephesians presented in this form has accelerated an ability to draw parallels between sections and connect passages that had previously been overlooked. The display of a book of the Bible as a whole on the wall has proven to be fruitful during sessions of focused Bible study as well as during seasons of busyness where a quick glance at a displayed section brought to remembrance a promise from the Lord.  

Printed on thick vinyl with reinforced eyelets, after testing dark text on white vinyl and light text on dark vinyl, it is recommended that bright text on a black background be used to hide natural fading over time. Displayed example is 3x6ft. 

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