The Names and Themes of God in the Books of the Bible

Following My Grandmother’s Lead
For decades Navigators, a Christian ministry with a strong presence on many college campuses across the US, has placed an emphasis on memorizing scripture and memorizing the Names of God contained throughout scripture. Over forty years ago, my grandmother began receiving scripture memory cards from Navigators. She used these cards to internalize and proclaim as many verses as she could — she still does to this day!

In a conversation with her a few years ago, she reminded me of the value of the Navigators scripture memory approach as well as their emphasis on knowing the many names of God, his character traits, and the themes of God throughout the Old and New Testament.  

Desiring to have a reminder of the value of names and themes associated with God as revealed in scripture, a project was launched to create a simple desk ornament to be the memory anchor. Beginning with resources from Navigators and then uncovering several articles authored by Garrett Kell at The Gospel Coalition, miniature wooden blocks were made and used to present the names of and themes associated with God in each book of the Bible. 

Over many months, these small blocks became a proven way to internalize a single overarching theme for every book of the Bible. This simple project was foundational to the success of additional efforts to identify and unpack the character of God within each chapter of a focus book. 

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