Sharing the Gospel in Their Language

In Preparation for the Field
‘Sharing the Gospel in Their Language’ is a project designed to compliment new language acquisition studies by English speakers who desire to proclaim the Gospel in another language. Each album contains over two hours of Gospel-centric English translated terms and phrases presented by a native speaker. The majority of our contributors are indigenous missionaries. The goal of every album is to familiarize the listener with term and phrase pronunciations as they begin their pursuit of becoming conversational in the presented language. 

Simple Repetition 
Each track begins with a short introduction by the native speaker followed by a list of terms presented twice in English then presented twice in the highlighted language. The terms are presented in order from simple to complex pronunciation.

Terms and phrases are listed in the description under each track. Shine the Word has designed a presentation framework followed by the lesson leaders across all ‘Sharing the Gospel in Their Language’ albums with the intended goal of allowing the listener to become familiar with common faith terms and phrases across multiple languages. For those interested in pursuing a more focused language acquisition course, Shine the Word provides access to missions organizations and teachers offering language lessons. 

Featured Track Sample
Presented below is a snippet of the first track on our Farsi album produced by a missionary currently serving the Iranian community in an undisclosed European country.

Translated terms:

“Holy Spirit”


A Broader Vision Cast
Our ‘Sharing the Gospel in Their Language’ albums will be released for sale on all major digital music platforms.  

Upcoming Releases:

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