The Story Behind the ‘Songs for the People’ Project

A Summer in Kansas City
While working alongside an anti-human trafficking advocacy group in Kansas City, our service team was made aware of two females caught in a prostitution ring who desperately wanted out of their situation but lacked the resources and connections to make an escape attempt they thought would be successful. 

As we continued to serve these women with food, toiletries and words of encouragement, our umbrella organization realized that if rescue assistance was not provided in the immediate future, these women would be moved to another part of the country by their handlers who had become aware of our intentions to provide assistance.

In less than two days an extraction plan was organized and finalized by a team of retired law enforcement officers with expertise in witness protection programs. The plan included transportation and support with residency provided within a network of several safe-houses spread across the Midwest. 

The evening of the planned escape, one of the women failed to show at the designated rendezvous point. Our supporting team and workers with the umbrella organization never saw her again. 

The devastation from the lost opportunity to rescue and the unknown whereabouts of this woman greatly impacted all involved. Many prayers were offered up for her safety as search efforts were exhausted. 

Returning to Where We Last Visited
Not far from where the missing woman often worked is a creek used as a gathering spot by the locals when they’re not actively working the streets. 

After being forced to suspend our search operations, a Bible and guitar were a final effort to seek Divine direction and request Divine assistance in the effort. Our team met at the creek.

We prayed and worshipped at the creek believing the Lord was (and is) mighty to save and protect. The missing woman has not been in contact with our service team but we believe God works all things together for good.  

Years following that event, this creek became a treasured place to pray over parts of the city most in turmoil. Before moving from Kansas City, an audio recording was captured of the creek and overlaid with an original composition of Be Thou My Vision. Find the captured field audio and featured track below.

Be Thou My Vision from a creek in Kansas City, Kansas

A Project Brought to Life
With the final music piece complete, a project was hatched to capture field recordings of prominent locations around Kansas City with the aim of overlaying each recording with an instrumental composition that inspired praise, worship and prayer over the locations represented. For the Kansas City project, two tracks have been released with plans for a total of five songs. The completed five track album will be released on all major music platforms.

A Broader Vision Cast
Knowing the Biblical significance of worship and its ability to draw people deeper into prayer, the project now known as ‘Songs for the People’ has been launched with the goal of releasing five new tracks every month, each possessing a field recording overlaid with a hymn composed to inspire worship and prayer for the location represented in the track. Each album will be made available for sale on major music platforms with the proceeds allocated for additional creative music projects. 

Upcoming Releases:

Featured Track – Nearer My God to Thee from a village on the coast of the Mediterranean near Mersin

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