Mobile Memorization Strategies

Scripture Memory for Millennials on the Move 
After several failed attempts to implement recommended paper-based techniques to memorize scripture within a small group context, the following mini-project was presented to a small group to test. 

Problem: Notecards last a few days before being torn or misplaced.
Solution: Two mobile-optimized slides texted to all participants. One slide contains the first word of a phrase in the verse followed by a blank space. The second slide contains the passage in its entirety. 

Use: The slide containing the blank spaces is saved as the lock screen while the slide containing the full passage is saved as the app background image.

Results: Based on feedback, not only were the selected passages reviewed more often when compared with the notecard method but every participant successfully memorized four assigned passages over a four week trial.  

This method has now become the memorization technique of choice among two church community groups with thirty participants actively engaging in memorizing the same passage each week.