Memorization Cards that Last

Permanently Replacing 3×5 Cards 
For several years, the standard white flash cards available at any Walmart and used for almost every school project were the Scripture memorization cards of choice. One minor frustration using those cards was, if you planned to carry them in your pocket, they would have to be folded. Folded cards only lasted a month or two before tearing. 


Finding an old plank once part of a shed at a friend’s farm, an idea was planted to use the plank as a wall mount for trimmed paper Scripture memory cards. After staining the plank with Tung Oil and installing brass screws, the trimmed paper cards were created and the Scripture memorization commenced. 

Within a month it was obvious the plank was a perfect wall decor piece to hold the trimmed paper cards but the cards were still falling apart in a short amount of time. Exploring the scrap wood pile at the shop, a few pieces were identified and scroll sawed to provide a firm backing on the recreated trimmed paper cards. Adding in a little Mod Podge and the sealed Scripture memory cards have outlasted all previous cards by a multiple of ten! 

To accelerate the memory acquisition of a passage, a technique was used wherein only the first word of a verse was used or, in some cases, only the first letter of the first word of a verse was used. Before utilizing this memorization technique, it is recommended to write out the entire passage being memorized at least three times so that the memory prompts will accelerate your memory acquisition and not be the distraction delaying memorization of the passage.


Once a verse is memorized, it is hung verse-side-out on the plank to invite review of the verse when walking past the mounted plank. After much experimentation with the number of cards displayed, it has been most constructive to hang no more than thirty scripture memory cards on the plank at any given time. Additional cards are rotated out upon successful completion of a row.

After three years of use and many miles travelled with the Scripture memory cards in pocket, this project has proven to be the best way to memorize several passages in a short amount of time. Constructing the piece to be of a quality that is worthy to mounted on the wall in a prominent place, has played a significant part in the longterm retention of the passages due to constant review of the cards when walking past the piece.

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