Free Burma Rangers

The son of Christian missionaries from Texas, David Eubank, founder of the Free Burma Rangers, had earlier served in the U.S. armed forces, enlisting at the age of 18 and eventually rising to lead a military free fall team with the First Special Forces Group. There, he ran missions in Central and South America, and then mostly in Thailand.

In 1992, after almost 10 years in the military, he left the Army and joined the Fuller Theological Seminary, a nondenominational institution in Pasadena, California.

There in California, when newlyweds David and Karen decided to skip their traditional honeymoon for something more meaningful, they knew exactly where they were headed. They travelled to Burma to serve oppressed peoples alongside their Burmese brothers and sisters.

When the Eubanks launched relief missions into outer areas of Burma, the locals joined in. Eventually indigenous leaders asked them to train teams that could go out and help those who needed it most as well provide medical clinics for survivors of war-torn areas. In 1997 they founded The Free Burma Rangers – an organization made up of many people from many nations all working together toward one goal: To bring peace back where there was none.

Eubank’s story began during his days serving in the US Military abroad; he witnessed first hand how international conflicts can have devastating consequences not just physically and emotionally on the non-warring local communities but also economically due to the devastation of livestock and fields.

The Eubanks succeeded in launching several longterm community development projects in Burma and have a long history of serving in other tumultuous regions. In 2016, they moved into northern Iraq to deliver food and aid for those caught between ISIS conflict zones. The Eubanks continued this mission for five years. Only recently have their Free Burma Ranger teams returned to Burma due, in part, to Bashar al-Assad’s forces systematically bombarding Syrian cities nearest several FBR aid stations.

The driving force behind their relief work the Eubanks say is their mission is to shine the love of Jesus Christ and help free all oppressed peoples.

“Everywhere, every person in the world has something good and wonderful we can love, learn from and build up,” says Eubank. “When we stand together in Christ and love others, we form the antidote to evil. That is the story I want to be told.”

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