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In Uganda, the most updated reports reveal the country is home to over 2 million orphans. Many of the children were robbed of their parents by Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army who focused on destroying communities through the massacre of all parents and elder. A few dozen of these children impacted by the conflict would find refuge in Favor—a small NGO founded when local leaders realized they needed help from abroad due to the heavy burden at home.

Despite the success of current military campaigns to eliminate Kony’s army, the resulting carnage will take generations to recover apart from a super-natural work of God. Over three million people are currently interned in unsafe conditions with no healthcare or sanitation in Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps. In the midst of much darkness, God has raised up a group of humanitarians who are first and foremost committed to prayer believing that physical, psychological, and emotional healing will follow spiritual healing and renewal. This uniquely gifted missions group is the organization known as Favor International.

“Send me where no one wants to go.”

In the early 2000s, Carole Ward, a 3rd-generation missionary with no prior experience in Uganda began to cry out for God’s direction over her life.

Not long after her prayer, God sent her, a trained nurse and prayer warrior into northern Uganda. Her deep love for the Ugandan people drove out all fear of rebel ambushes as she traveled alone across the Ugandan Bush. She met with God amongst the orphans and widows. God began pouring out His healing presence on those who cried out to Him.

God continued to show Carole His love for the Ugandan people by opening physical and spiritual eyes to see and know their Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ.

When the government required registration for Carole’s work to continue in Uganda, Carole formed her ministry with two Ugandans. She has been able to shine Christ and his love through evangelism as well as Bible teaching thanks largely due to prayerful support from others worldwide who have joined with the mission, Favor International, since its launch.

Ministry Snapshot

  • distributed 80,000+ Bibles
  • trained 7,000+ pastors
  • built a school with 400 attending
  • graduated 500+ leaders from a Bible college
  • reached 50,000+ through trauma counseling
  • built the first Christian radio station
  • held crusades with 1 million+ attending
  • trained government leaders
  • conducted mobile medical clinics for 8,000+ patients

Today, Favor continues to pursue a people hungry for love and truth. The darkness of witchcraft still remains an ongoing challenge but they are driving out these idolatries with warring spirits in order create something new -peaceful foundation among future generations who have never seen violence first hand before.

Carole’s grandparents were missionaries who served alongside Watchmen Nee in China and her parents were Wycliffe Bible Translators in the outer islands of Mindanao, Southeast Asia.

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