Creating a Prayer and Scripture Memory Legacy Box

Inspired by a Man of Prayer  
George Muller was an evangelist known across England during the mid-1800s as a man who lived and breathed the Gospel he loved. During his time of ministry, he provided for over ten thousand orphans while also raising his family and guest preaching at gatherings across the UK. Greater than all his ministerial projects, he was best known for being a man dedicated to prayer. Believing that God was able to financially bless a work through divine provision, Muller never publicly solicited donations to provide for the orphans in his care, choosing rather to pray to the Lord to inspire people to give to the mission.

Muller was a meticulous record keeper and documented almost every donation received during the forty year span of his time overseeing his ministry to the orphans. In addition to documenting all gifts, Muller also recorded the ministry’s financial needs before a provision had been given so that he could provide testimony to how God provided for the need every time. Muller’s prayer requests and answers were organized and published in his ministry newsletter the following year for the purpose of encouraging the Saints to pray with specificity, to write down their prayers, and to share answered prayers within their communities proclaiming the evidence that God hears and answers the prayers of his people. Muller encouraged his readers to recall and return to recorded past answered prayers for spiritual refreshment and faith renewal.

A Prayer and Scripture Memory Legacy Box
After a year of writing prayer requests and answered prayers in a journal, the old journal was filled and a new journal was purchased to continue the daily practice. Knowing that I would not look at the old journals unless they were easily accessible, I decided to build a ‘Prayer Box’ that would be reserved for all old prayer and Scripture journals. 

Walnut planks were purchased from a local timber mill and a design was finalized. A decision was made to include division planks in addition to incorporating a writing pad matching the woodgrain.

Double-checking measurements and matching the grain.
Finished ‘Prayer Box’ with writing pad, including space for writing instruments, and four divided sections.

The newly labelled ‘Prayer & Scripture Memory Legacy Box’ measures 18 inches by 8 inches by 12 inches and holds 15 150-page journals. Additionally, the plank divisions allow for easy access to categorized papers. The box was finished with a light application of Tung Oil and allowed to cure for a week before use. 


The finished piece is a delight to the eyes and placed prominently within the living quarters. The intended purpose of the project has been achieved as the box is within reach and, therefore, the journals are reviewed far more often than if a plastic storage bin would been used to keep them in a closet. 

George Muller was a man of prayer whose written prayer records are still cited as an inspiration for Believers today who’ve been inspired to undertake a more intentional approach to prayer. If you’d like more details on the box project above or would like assistance with building your own ‘Prayer and Scripture Memory Legacy Box,’ send an email using the form on the Contact page. 

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